Mazandaran, Sari, 12 km Sari-Semnan Road, Across from Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries

Salardareh Hotel brings a realization of reunion with nature and the sweet experience of relaxation.

Stimulate your emotions

A beautiful and pleasing environment in the embrace of nature, with a stylish and well-equipped sports complex.

Serving diverse Iocal, Iranian and foreign food alongside the finest souvenirs and crafts the North can offer.

  • Conference Hall

    Conference Hall

    The conference hall located in a formal space with audio and video recording equipment is a great place for you to hold all types of ceremonies.
  • Suite and Duplex Bedroom

    Suite and Duplex Bedroom

    Spending time in Salardareh Hotel's duplex suite with superior facilities will make this residence an unforgettable experience for you.
  • The Hall

    The Hall

    The Salardareh Hotel Hall with a reception capacity of 1000 people is a convenient and relaxing place for celebrations, weddings, conferences, seminars and more.
  • Coffee Shop

    Coffee Shop

    Coffee Shop is in a refreshing, relaxing atmosphere with a variety of Iranian and foreign beverages.
  • Store


    The Salardareh Hotel offers the best craftsmanship of Mazandaran's artists to dear tourists.
  • Sports Complex

    Sports Complex

    The complex has a tennis court and a football pitch located one kilometer from the Salardareh Hotel, is ready to render services to athletes.

Four-star Salardareh Hotel Complex is located 12km south of Sari-Semnan Road in Pahnehkola region and near Salardareh river. It's placed among North's beatiful forests with an area of 5600 square-meters and a plus 2 Hectares of green space. With a spectacular view and the best equipment, this complex will provide you with a relaxing and peaceful environment that you will remember for the rest of your life.